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Puppies are just like babies so for those who have children in your current flat or house, you have an advantage as there are many dangers in our homes that need to be identified and removed.

Puppies, just like babies, are very inquisitive with no knowledge to help them. This is where you step in. To help identify the dangers, you should use the rest of the family, your dog walker and dog trainer.

You need to change your perspective. They are small so, like them, go down on all fours and have a good look around. Pick up all small items because puppies will eat anything and many things can block the puppy’s digestive system. Typical items to be found include coins (enough for a drink?), pins, paper clips, jewellery, as well as some things you had probably not seen for years.

The danger is linked to the puppy’s desire to chew anything. You need to train them to avoid chewing dangerous things and those important to you.

A real danger in today’s flat are the multitude of electrical cables that are at low level around the home. To reduce the risk:

  • Tidy and tape the cables. There are many good commercial products that will help

  • Spray the cables with bitter apple or one of the bad tasting chew deterrents.

Remove to a higher / safer level any valuables or sentimental items that could be damaged by chewing. Do not forget that puppies grow more rapidly than their intelligence so allow for their growth.

Now you can scatter the various toys that you have bought him so that he can play and chew safely. The floor now becomes the puppy’s area so you may need to find a different spot for shoes etc. It can be difficult with young children in the house with a puppy. The best way is to have areas dedicated to both.

Puppies love pulling things and this includes hanging tablecloths so you may need to remove them whilst you have a puppy.

Puppies, like babies, need to be kept in a safe area, whether inside or outside. If you cannot make a safe area for the puppy, consider using a crate (a metal cage). When you are not there to supervise him, put him in the safe area. Crates are a great training aid and they should be made homely, with cushions and a few toys. They can be a great place for him to rest and feel secure. The door can be left open so he can come and go, unless you are restraining the puppy.

A few tips – not just for you, but for all those in the house:

  • Keep all windows and doors shut.

  • Other doors should also be kept closed, such as the oven, microwave, fridge, dishwasher, washing machine and tumble-dryer.

  • Keep all shoes and slippers in cupboards.

  • Remove or change to short hanging tablecloths otherwise the puppy could pull down the fully-laid table!

  • Take care with all electrical cables within reach of the puppy. Either protect them with cable protectors or route them safely.

  • All breakables should be out of the puppy’s reach

  • Check the houseplants because some are dangerous to dogs, particularly bulbs such as Daffodils and Lily of the Valley.

  • Take care with lit candles and guard fires.

  • The lower sections of bookcases should be for books you do not mind being chewed.

  • After shopping, remove the plastic shopping bags as they can be eaten or chewed, leading to digestive tract blockages.

  • Child locks on floor level kitchen cupboards are a good idea.

  • Do not leave food scraps around. Particularly dangerous are chicken bones as they splinter when chewed.

  • Keep toilet lids closed so your puppy won’t fall in or learn to drink from the bowl.

  • Remove or shorten anything that dangles such as blinds and curtain cords which the puppy might jump and pull.

    All the best with the fun that your puppy will bring you!

    How could we improve our service? “Not sure – we are really happy with everything so far. Thank you!” Mrs S.A. of Notting Hill


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