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You probably spend time on the safety of your family. Please do not forget your pets. This is a crucial element of caring for your pet. Summer is especially difficult and dangerous for your pet. The two main things to pay attention to are the effects of the heat and vacations.

Let’s commence with the effect of the hot weather on our pets. Just like us – they will need more water so keep it on hand at all times. If you frequently exercise your dog, make sure they have the ability to have water every hour or so or even more regularly if you are of the lively type.

Whilst you would not think of leaving your children or baby in a locked car in the sun, it is astounding and a shame the number of people who do this to their pets. This can kill an animal as temperatures in the sun can swiftly increase to over 100 degrees. Leaving the window slightly ajar is next to useless.

Just like ourselves, with the same amount of activity, you need less food to maintain your weight during summer. If you, or your animal, keep eating the same, you will without doubt ncrease your weight. Pet obesity is increasing everywhere. Putting on weight in summer is likely to slow the pet down in winter and you get a vicious circle. So think of reducing the intake of food or, as a minimum, keep an eye on your pet’s weight.

There is a danger with leaving moist / wet food out. The food will rapidly go off as its temperature gets near to blood temperature of ~100 degrees. If the pet does not consume moist food within thirty minutes, remove it. Dry food is very safe as long as it does not become wet. So, if you have a slobbery animal, little and often should be the principle. Watch out for condensation or drips from the air conditioner.

Whilst playing outside with dog in the heat, he may suddenly want to bound off into some water with you if you are holding onto the lead. Probably more risky is the leap into a river if he is not on a lead. In London, if you are by the Serpentine, you can often see people being pulled in! This is not helped by them chasing the ducks. In summer, there is often more wildlife around for them to chase so be watchful and controlling.

Summer is often the time of your long holiday. So, if you are having to find a pet sitter, try to find a professional company such as London Pet Sitting who vet and train their pet sitters. A good pet sitter will even identify all the dangers as part of their contract. Pet Sitting is often the best option for your pet as they prefer to be in their home area. If not and, if you must put them in kennels, check the kennels out and have, ideally, a personal recommendation. The animal may not like it, but at least they are safe.

You may be wanting to take your animal on vacation with you. This is the most dangerous option for a pet. Prepare and plan well. Food, water, toys, blankets etc. The trip in the car is dangerous for us as well. Think about using a pet restraint – you wear one for good reason – so ensure your pet has one too. There is a risk of dehydration so plan for water stops for you and your pet every hour or a bit longer if you have the air con on. Be particularly vigilant during the stops as there are often cars moving about and the animal may want to take a run for it.

When you arrive, you will be in a strange location. So check it out thoroughly for any dangers to your animal. The greatest one is running away, above all in motels with the rooms opening out onto a busy highway and cars. Do not forget that digestion of fruit and particularly raisins and grapes is dangerous to dogs so keep them away from the fruit.

Pets will struggle to find their way back to your hotel if lost. We all know of happy endings when pets get lost near their normal home, but this is not the case in a strange place. Ensure you have solid and visible name / phone tags and keep them on a lead.

We wish you and your animals a happy, event-free holiday!

Go Away Without Fear
“Hi Micaela, Thank you so much for looking after Terra and Luna this weekend. It was nice to be able to go away and know that they were being looked after. I was a little worried if they would eat enough with only one feed a day but I’m sure they actually grew and put weight on while we were away! : So good job – that’s what you want with kittens. We’ll be going away a couple of times in June, so we may need your help again later. I don’t know anyone with pets, but if I did, I’d recommend your services : ” Ms K.H. Kennington


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