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Our local Highgate Pet Sitter, Alexandra , is available for all types of pet care, including cats and dogs. She also covers the nearby areas of Hampstead Heath, Upper Holloway, Archway and Hornsey, an area which is ideal for dog walking being so near to Hampstead Heath, Highgate and Queen's Wood.

Alexandra is very experienced with dogs.

For more information, contact Alexandra directly.

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Some information about Highgate:

Highgate is located to the North of Central London in the middle of the three Boroughs of Camden in the south, Haringey in the north and Islington in the south and east. Highgate's postal code is N6. It is an expensive area of London to live in, being close to the lovely huge Hampstead Heath and great old buildings. This way of life is admirably protected by Highgates active conservation society, The Highgate Society.

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It has always been a lovely area and was painted by John Constable in the first quarter of the 19th century.

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Originally centered on Hampstead Lane and Highgate Hill, the village built up around the famous Highgate School, that was founded by Queen Elizabeth I in 1565, and the adjacent Chapel of St Michael.

Famous men have passed through Highgate School, either as Masters or pupils who are known as Old Cholmeleians. These include T. S. Eliot, who taught the poet laureate John Betjeman there, John Venn the inventor of Venn diagrams, Anthony Crossland MP and Labour reformer.

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Highgate adjoined the Bishop of London's hunting estate, which had one of the main toll roads north out of London alongside which developed many pubs - including the famous gatehouse - which commemorated the toll-house. Highgate became associated with Dick Turpin, the highwayman.

Highgate is renowned for its Georgian architecture, Victorian red brick buildings and the cemetery. Highgate Cemetery is the burial place of many famous people including Michael Faraday the great scientist, writer George Elliot and Karl Marx the communist philosopher and leader. The famous Russian architect, Berthold Lubetkin, designed the two famous Highpoint apartment buildings in Highgate.
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Highgate Hill, the steep street linking Highgate village and Archway, was the route of the first European cable car. That operated between 1884 and 1909.

Highgate, being beautiful and near to London, has attracted many famous people. This included many actors and comedians including:
Peter Sellers whose family moved here so Peter could attend the Catholic St Aloysius boys' school in Hornsey Lane.

The bond actor Pierce Brosnan lived in Highgate.
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The cockney rough diamond Bob Hoskins who starred in "The Long Good Friday" and "Who framed Roger Rabbit"

Famous Highgate Musicians and Performers include:

  • The famous conductor Yehudi Menuhin whose house in Highgate was bought later by Sting from the rock band The Police.

  • Ray Davies from The Kinks.

  • The singer George Michael

  • The Spice Girl Geri Halliwell

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    Amongst famous Highgate poets, there is Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who came to lose his opium addiction under the supervision of Doctor James Gillman. He lived in Highgate for the rest of his life. Many of his poems were published whilst here, even if they were written earlier. He died on 25 July 1834 and was buried in St Michael's Church crypt.

    Highgate is often the setting in popular culture. This includes the pantomime Dick Whittington and His Cat, based on a medieval Lord Mayor of London. Having walked to London from Gloucestershire with his cat to make his fortune, he becomes disillusioned and heads back, but when at Highgate Hill he hears the Bow Bells of London and takes this as a message to "turn again" for finding his fortune. He does and he succeeds. The Whittington Hospital in Highgate is named after him and there is a nearby statue of his faithful cat.

    • Jethro Tull's song "Cross-Eyed Mary" refers to the "Robin Hood of Highgate".

    • The Swearing on the Horns pub tradition originated in Highgate.

    • In Ray Davies' "London Song" you hear "If you're ever up on Highgate Hill on a clear day, you can see right down to Leicester Square".

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