New video encourages the early neutering of cats

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There is a major problem with wild cats in London, so we at London Pet Sitting support any approach that can improve the situation and improve cat care.


New video encourages the early neutering of cats

“Cats Protection has produced ‘A Guide to Early Neutering’; an online video that explains why cats …”

This comprehensive video explains the benefits of neutering cats at this age and why Cats Protection believes it is the most humane and economic solution to the problem of unwanted litters of cats.

Last year Cats Protection spent over £6 million supporting the neutering of over 191,000 owned, stray and feral cats and kittens across the UK – that’s more than one every three minutes.  However, the charity is warning that this is not a long-term fix and says the only way to ensure the population is brought under control is for owners to get their cats neutered earlier than the traditionally recommended six months.

Maggie Roberts, Cats Protection’s Director of Veterinary Services explained: “Cats are such prolific breeders that if we didn’t neuter them, we would have a population explosion that would end up with sick, stray and abandoned cats roaming the streets. As a nation of animal lovers, I don’t think anyone would find this acceptable.
We sincerely feel that helping Pets can change the world.

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