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Whilst all our dog walkers will help you with your dog’s training, 1st4 London Dog Walking is happy to work with your London Dog Trainer. In addition, we will help you with our book “Dog Training – Using The Three Way Method” and all our experience.

Our book covers:

  • Dog obedience training
  • Boisterousness
  • Dominance
  • Introducing and pairing dogs
  • Attention seeking
  • Anxiety and insecurity
  • Animal communication including body language
  • Food and toy obsession
  • Lead pulling
  • Dog socialisation (ideally puppy socialisation)
  • Dealing with dangerous and aggressive dogs
  • Dog boredom

So how can we help you? If you are thinking of getting a dog, why not invite us round to discuss the different breeds and their pros and cons. We may suggest that you search for a type of dog and breed from one of the dog shelters or charities which have so many great dogs in need of a good home.

If your puppy is arriving, why not book some sessions to help you in this crucial training period. You can teach old dogs new tricks, but it is easier with the young!

Why not book us for some dog walking so we can get to know your pooch? Then we can advise you on areas you can work on.

We will help with dog training in London generally.

The dog training section on our website will be developing and we hope it becomes one of the best London dog training resources – so please pop back.

Please do not hesitate to ask us for advice.

Dog training covers a wide range of activities and needs which can be summarised in three main areas:

Puppy training

Obedience training

Dealing with problems

Dog Obedience

The aim is for the dog to carry out certain actions in response to certain commands. Whilst all dogs can do this, some are quicker at learning, particularly working dogs such as Collies who can learn a wide range of complex activities.

In our homes, we only need some basic obedience for the our safety and our dogs’ in order to have a pleasant relationship. The difficulty is all around communication as they do not speak our language. So we have to rely on rewarding desired behaviour and ignoring undesired behaviour. Correcting undesired behaviour is more difficult.

Normally the basic commands that are trained in dog obedience are:

• Sit

• Down

• Stay

• Come (Recall – some people use “here” or “in”)

• Close (or loose-leash walking)

• Heel

Some of our Dog Training Links

Dog clicker training – our most popular training method.

Dog socialisation – useful for developing a plan to improve your dog’s relationships with humans and other pooches.

Dog safety – for your pooch and your children

Dog vaccinations

Dog grooming

Puppy care – including puppy potty training

Puppy Proof your Home

Dog toilet training

Dog Separation Anxiety - Very important and a major reason people use our dog walking services.

So, for the best in London dog training, email us

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