Dog Attack Penalties Increased

We often see and are wary of the agressive dogs that some people have. We feel very sorry for the dogs as it is due to the owners in most of these cases. Dogs badly treated, used as fashion icons and not given enough exercise.

Tougher penalties for dog attacks

"Dog owners in England and Wales who allow their pets to attack people face longer prison sentences under new laws that have come into force." bull terrier Police have been given powers to require dogs to be muzzled in public under the changes

Tougher penalties have come into force for dog owners in England and Wales who allow their pets to attack people.

The maximum prison sentence for allowing a dog to carry out a fatal attack on a person has increased to 14 years from two years previously.

Allowing a dog to cause injury can now be punished by five years in prison, up from a previous maximum of two years.

Animal welfare minister Lord de Mauley said it was "only right" owners should face tough punishments after attacks.

"Irresponsible dog owners will not only face longer prison sentences, but will also be liable for prosecution regardless of where an attack takes place, even in their own home.

I must say that we have not come across any of our clients who are irresponsible dog owners.


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