London Cattery or use a London Cat Sitter?

london cat sitterWhether to use a London Cat Sitter or cat boarding is always a difficult decision as our cats mean so much to us. That is why there are London catteries as well as London Cat Sitters. Cat sitting has a number of advantages over a London Cattery for the cat owner and more crucially the cat, but a London cat sitting business would say that. So what are those advantages of using cat sitting in London? Let’s start from the cat’s perspective.

Cats originated from wild cats and still share many of their original characteristics. Kitty is still a territorial animal and you still see that in their behaviour of protection and “marking” of their home areas. You will often see a cat sitting in its favourite spots to keep an eye on their territory even if they will not fight a dominant male who comes into their domain, just like the lions and tigers. They have their regular walking and hunting routines that end at the limits of their home territory. Cats however often adore open space and love to roam just as in their origins. A top level carnivore needs a large area to find enough prey. Whilst a cat minder has to follow to the letter the advice of the cat owner, we sometimes let the cat out for a short romp, often just before feeding and watering them – we need kitty to return! In London, many houses have alarms so the kitty is often left in one or part of the house which does not have any motion detectors. Even if kitty is only left in one room, often the kitchen, this gives the cat far more room to roam than in a boarding cage. Kitties are creatures of habit and love their regular favourite spots, chairs, rugs and foods.

cat sitter LondonCats, above all animals, become skitty and very nervous whenever they stray out of their comfort zone, a key advantage of using 1st4 London Cat Sitting. They are often nervous when they are being transported in the car on their way to the cattery. Cats are very sensitive to the strange sounds, odours and the bizare sensation of speed and this is particularly bad in built up cities such as London. Oh, and those taxis and white van drivers playing songs on their horns! They are particularly worried about the lights of cars so, if you can, avoid transporting them when it is dark to a London cattery.

We have all come across issues with cat boarding which includes unhappy cats who stop eating and washing, and this can last for ten days or more. The frequency of this is far lower with cat daycare. If it does happen, it is just because they are missing you. Just as for us, eating is a factor of how contented the cat is. This is often seen whenever cats are in a London cattery. Even with their regular food from home, they still lose weight in spite of the fact that they do not have much space to roam. Sometimes, however, in a cat kennels, cats will put on weight. I am unsure whether this is like our comfort eating or lack of exercise, just like us! Cat minders will play with and cuddle their cats, having been introduced by the owners to their favourite ways to be amused and petted. Whilst London catteries often feed twice a day following the owner’s instructions, many people who use a city cat sitting service prefer two short visits a day over one longer visit, to allow for the preservation of feeding habits. Some will often specify the cat’s feeding times. “I feed kitty at 07:15, as soon as I get up”!

There are also a number of advantages to owners who use cat day care apart from the great pleasure shown in a relaxed, contented and happy cat. One problem which is avoided is the transporting of kitty to and from the cat hotel. This has to be done just before and on the return from a vacation, stressed out, whilst there is a load of other urgent things that must be done. This can be a real pain in a large city such as London. Our London Cat Sitters will also tend your garden and any houseplants. In today’s difficult and troubled times, there are a lot of advantages of cat day care with someone regularly visiting the house. Additionally, the removal of mail and newspapers, pulling and closing curtains and putting the rubbish out clearly reduces the possibility of burglary. The moving of the mail avoids the need to organise the redirecting of post.

When all the costs are analysed, particularly if you value your time, London Cat Sitting can be cheaper than using a London cattery. london catteries

It is a crucial decision – cat sitting in London or a London cattery? Do seriously consider using a London Cat Sitter rather than cat boarding, for the benefit of you and your cat.

London cattery or a cat sitter. Our first choice is sitting, however during house moves or builders in you may need a cattery.

Here is the personal story from Jessie in London. I prefer London Cat Sitting


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