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Cat Care ImageFor new and experienced cat owners, the care of our feline friends causes us to lose sleep and even talk about and discuss with our partners. They become our little children and cat care becomes similar to our own. A simple rule is that, if you are unsure of what do do, use a feline version of what you would do for your children. Cats will give you over ten or even twenty years of great pleasure. Cat care is a two-way street and is very dependent on the early months with you. To have a healthy and disease-free cat, proper day care must be followed. If unsure about the health of your cat, consult a vet.

Cat care starts when you are thinking of having him. Please consider choosing your new kitty from a cat home. With the financial problems of today, many cats are being discarded and desperately need homes. You may want a pedigree cat to impress your friends, but what about impressing your friends with your “charity” by taking an unwanted cat. In a place like London, if they go outside, you are less likely to have them stolen.

It is also quite difficult to choose a pedigree cat as there are over 80 different cat breeds in six body types.
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As for a baby, you need to prepare your home and the family for his or her arrival. Will you have animals or people who will be upset by the cat’s arrival? What about cat safety? Have you identified what dangers are lurking in the house? For those who have recently had a baby, the house will be much safer than for people with no children. The house will have been checked for objects that can tumble, catch or poison your beloved one. Do not forget to start pet insurance. As for all insurance, we hope you do not need it, but it will cover any veterinary bills which as you know can be huge.

A key decision to make early on is whether to have your cat neutered. The majority of cat experts believe that neutered cats live longer and have fewer behavioural problems. There are certainly too many unwanted cats today so please seriously consider neutering.

A London cat needs to have a collar with name and telephone number. Ideally, also have the cat microchipped.

Where is your cat going to sleep and rest? Cats will naturally find their own spaces around the home, but a cat basket is often a comfort to them. Other things you will need include are collars, brushes, flea treatment and bed(s) and blankets to lie on.

kitten-fish-bowlIf the cat is a real baby, a kitten, their care is more specific and required frequently as they grow and develop. Regular human interaction is often needed so day care visits of twice a day are often asked for in these important early days.

They are interested in everything – so protect the other pets or themselves.

Good cat day care should be based on a regular daily care routine. Similar to you, your cat will need food! However, cats are fussy eaters. Nourishment is based on the same principles as for you. Ensure kitty has a routine of eating a variety of foods, both dry and wet, put down in his bowl. As for us, avoid too many, treats (only as part of our balanced diet!) and discourage giving food from the table. It is difficult to stop cats begging at the table if they have succeeded before.

Cat grooming is important. Wild cats were able to wash and self groom, but any of the longer haired breeds have lost that possibility, so you need to help them. It should not be seen as a chore, see it as the equivalent to having “quality time”together. The personal care and love your give your cat is as important as the physical day care.

Cat scratching should not be a problem with correct cat training. Certainly, make sure the cat has scratching posts to control their claw length. This is a lot easier than clipping their claws particularly if you have not started this at an early age. There should never be a need for declawing which is similar to having your finger top removed at the first joint. Cats suffer and there are risks to their health. Most reputable vets will not do it.

Cat scratching can be caused by cat anxiety.

Cats do not need to be expensive and here are some cheap cat care tips.

Cat care is important to having a wonderful relationship with your kitty so spend time on it. It’s a great investment. Enjoy your cat – go fuss him for me!


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