pomeranian image1Pomeranian are in the toy group of dogs and are often known as a Pom. They are the smallest of the German Spitz type and are also known as the Dwarf Spitz. They are named after the Central European region of Pomerania which lies between Germany and Poland, by the Baltic sea (the origin in slavic of po = by and more = sea, so literally close to the sea – the Baltic).

Pomeranians are normally very friendly, active and playful. They are intelligent and are easy to train and are often used as hearing dogs for the deaf. They think they are bigger than they actually are, having the “Napoleon complex” and will stand up to far bigger dogs. This extrovert behaviour, combined with their protective / defensive nature, can result in them barking excessively.

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Commonly the smaller Pomeranians are used for show and the larger ones as companions.

Some people say they resemble miniature foxes with a double coat, long harsh erect hairs and a thick soft undercoat. Pomeranians exist in many colours, but the most common is orange. A tan Pomeranian is likely to have lighter colour shadings on the tail, ruff and breechings. The thick coat results in them needing plenty of grooming which can take some time. Their size, combined with long thick coat, means they can suffer in the heat and will search out shade and cold floors. For their size, they will manage the cold better than most toy dogs.

pomeranian dog image1Similar to their character they freely move and bounce around. They are active and often like a good one hour walk and can easily get bored.
Pomeranians are not large eaters, preferring to pick at their food during the day.

Generally speaking, Pomeranians are one of the most robust toy dogs. They occasionally suffer from low blood sugar, open skulls, collapsed trachea, loose knees, eye problems and dwarfism. One danger to a Pomeranian is their fragile bones, particularly their legs, so be careful of dropping them as they are often carried. For this reason, it is a good idea to deter them from jumping as a puppy.
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Pomeranians typically live for ten to fifteen years although some have lived until twenty years or so.

They measure between 18 and 28 cm in height and weigh between one and three kilograms. The female Pomeranian is normally larger than the male.
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So, in summary, the Pomeranian is an ideal dog for the flat dweller.



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