No Cattery

No Cattery – I Love my house – I want a London Cat Sitter – Jessie.

no london cattery Thanks to cat sitters, kitties like me are able to stay in our homes. This is my favourite spot, not much of a garden, cattery london -no but it is mine.
We cats are territorial so I love to protect my area. DSCF0263
We don’t like travelling, it is so unnatural speeding along in a car. london cat sitting better
Sometimes I need to get down and have a stretch. better cat sitters
I hate those pigeons, I will soon be out then he won’t sit there.

cat careOur owners love their holidays. I didn’t, but it is OK now that I have a cat sitter and can stay home.

Whilst they are away, the guards are down, DSCF0219but I can still keep an eye on my garden.
I see old Smoky is there on his wall. Obviously doesn’t want to enter my garden.
I love my normal smells. Catteries have new ones and the odour of all the cats is terrible.
DSCF0448I love the jasmine flowers which smell nice at this time of the year.


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