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London dog walkerThe Maltese is often devoted to its owners which can mean they have a reputation for barking at strange noises and people. Their high activity level can also lead to them snapping. So it is important to socialise them at an early age. They are brave and will go up to dogs far bigger than themselves and, being confident, they get on well with other animals.

London dog sitterThe Maltese suffers from a few health problems, that includes problems with the skin, eye and teeth. As well as respiratory problems and risk of sunburn on the top of its nose.

Regular grooming is required with the Maltese, otherwise you will get matting. As well as brushing twice a day, one should also clean the Maltese after eating, to minimise staining of the hair. Tear staining is also a common problem which is related to the size of the tear ducts and how much the dog’s eyes water. Tear stain can be removed or minimised by use of a fine-toothed metal comb that is moistened with lukewarm water and drawn through the hair below the eyes. This should be done every couple of days.

Whilst they have thick hair, they do not shed too much and like the similar Havanese and Bichon Frisé can be considered practically hypoallergenic, with many people not showing an allergic reaction. Many owners will tie the hair on top of the head in a ponytail to ease cleaning the eyes. The ears also need regular cleaning.

Whilst the name suggests the dog comes from Malta, its origins are unclear although generally it is felt to have come from around the Mediterranean area. It is also known as a Maltese Terrier or the Maltese Lion Dog (a reflection on its character) although its official kennel name is “Maltese”.

Its origin could have been either from the Swiss Spitz dog or the Asian Tibetan Terrier. The earliest record of the Maltese dates back to when it was found on a Greek amphora around 500 B. C. and it was frequently mentioned in writings of Greek / Roman times.

The Maltese are a great dog who gives a 110% of activity and then they flop and have a good rest!

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